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A project dedicated to utilizing the power of citizen journalism, empowering people by enabling them to report on news in their localities & to keep others informed.


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Rider Falls Into Drain Trying to Cross 'Bridge'

28 December 2020

Location: Malim Jaya, Melaka

With more and more stories of people hitting potholes and getting seriously injured, or even worse, suffering life-ending injuries, this accident was also unfortunate in the same vein.

Chin Ka Yee

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Plume of Black Smoke Seen Across KL

24 December 2020

Location: Wisma Trax, KL

At approximately 9:30pm yesterday night (22/12/2020), a plume of black smoke could be seen over Kuala Lumpur.



Crash at Intersection Leaves Rider Unresponsive

17 December 2020

Location: Sungai Petai, Alor Gajah

As seen in the video above, an accident occurred by an intersection in Sungai Petai, Alor Gajah. 2 vehicles were seen involved in the accident, 1 being a Proton Waja, and another being a motorcyclist.




A brief summary on how LokalWav works


Start shooting with your mobile device when you see anything newsworthy or interesting.


Accompany your video/images with a detailed explanation of what happened, either verbally within the video or by text.


Submit your videos/images to us. You can do so via Whatsapp - It's that simple!


Our team will review your content to determine whether to approve or deny your submission.


Upon approval, your content will be monetized, and you will be paid according to the amount of views you receive!

Image by Yaopey Yong


What should I film?

Confrontations (people fighting/arguing), promotions (great sales/promotions), accidents, natural disasters, CMCO related videos, and any other interesting topics. Please be considerate to the victims (if any) and put other people & your safety first. Newswav reserves the right to reject any inappropriate videos.

What are the videos/images for?

Once approved, your videos/images will be posted and shared on the Newswav app. They will act as a source of news, helping to inform other Malaysians on what's happening around them.

Do I have to download any other apps?

All you need is your smartphone! Start filming, send it in & get rewarded!

How do I receive payment?

You'll have to come to Newswav office for the payout. Once we've verified your identity & confirmed your payout amount, payment will be made via online transfer within 5 working days.

What if someone else films the same content as me?

We will select based on the quality of the videos/images as well as the speed of submission. Approval & decision by Newswav is final.

Can I send in as many submissions as I want?

Definitely! There's no quota on number of story submissions to be sent in - do bear in mind that your content will be subjected to Newswav approval.

I have questions that are not here!

No worries! We're ready and waiting to answer all your questions! Feel free to contact us at:

Whatsapp: 010-423 0922
Email: hello@lokalwav.com

Do I need to be in the videos/images?

It's entirely up to you! You could just film the content without including yourself, OR you could host your very own stories if you'd like - the options are endless!

Can I submit only photos?

Yes! We'll turn your images into article, and we recommend you to submit at least 5 images for each story.

Do I have to edit the content myself?

No! Just send us the raw footage/image, and we'll edit the videos/write the articles for you!



Register your interest via email, Whatsapp, or simply fill in the form below & we'll be in touch!

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